TeamSpeak 3 Installation and Use

Teamspeak 3 is an online voice and text chat system. Client programs are available for Windows, Apple and Linux computers, and Android and Apple phones. It provides excellent voice quality and very low system resources.

The computer-based clients can be downloaded here:

Phone software can be installed from Apple iTunes or the Google Play store. Note that you must purchase the phone client software.

Installation on Windows

Download the installation file from Find the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it.

Click Next>

Scroll to the bottom of the agreement, check the I accept box, then click Next>

Select Install for anyone, then click Next>

Use the default Destination Folder. Click Next>

Click Next>

Do NOT install Overwolf. It is an add-on for online gaming. Click Install

The installation is complete! Click Finish. The client software will run.

This company has LOTS of lawyers. Read if you wish, or scroll to the bottom then click I accept.

A short slideshow of features will run. Just click Continue to proceed.

You can create an account, or click Continue without logging in. If you wish to create an account, enter your email and choose a password, then click Create Account.

Suggest you choose a nickname like this: Name – Callsign
Then click OK.

This is the main screen of TeamSpeak. You must connect to a server before you can talk. Click on Connections -> Connect


Enter the Server Address and the Server Password.  Choose your own nickname as before (Name – Callsign). Then press Connect

This shows that you have successfully connected.

By default, TeamSpeak is installed with automatic voice detection. As soon as the program hears you speak, you will be ‘transmitting’. This works fine in a quiet room and if you don’t talk to yourself. You can make TeamSpeak work very much like a radio by assigning a hotkey to transmit.

Click Tools -> Options -> Capture

Note that Voice Activation Detection is checked. To switch to Push-To-Talk, click that option. Click the box that says No Hotkey Assigned. A small box will pop up asking you to press the key to be used to transmit. Whatever key combination you press will be chosen as your PTT key. I use the ALT key just to the right of the spacebar, but any key will work. Keep in mind that you can also send text messages with TeamSpeak, so choosing a key that would not normally be used is a good idea.

Click OK when done.

You will be back at the main screen. Press your chosen PTT key, and the indicator next to your name should change color indicating that you are transmitting.

You may wish to add this server to your Bookmarks. Just click Bookmarks -> Add to Bookmarks and TeamSpeak will remember this setup. The next time you connect just click the entry in your Bookmarks.

When you first connect, you will be in the Default Channel. There will be other channels available. Other channels may require a password for access.

There are thousands of other options in TeamSpeak. Feel free to experiment.