Upcoming changes to the BC ARES webpage

Some of you may have noticed the layout/look of the website has changed. We are trying out various layouts to pin down which one works the best for our website.

In the coming months, the webpage will be overhauled and new content will be posted. Some of the new content will include emergency numbers, resources, and information.

We are open to suggestions if you have any helpful information to contribute and we welcome all input and constructive criticism.

September Meeting

We discussed a range of topics in the September ARES meeting.

-discuss new scripts/roundtable
-conduct the net FROM the 911 center
-ICS training
-October training
-FB page/website
-Finish setting up the radio room in the 911 center
-Discuss Zello app
-Hangtag IDs distributed
-Discuss Houston and Florida emergency situation

Weekly nets

Don’t forget to check into the weekly nets:

Benton County:     146.925 – PL 107.2 7 pm Sunday
Sedalia Pettis Co.: 147.030 – PL 179.9 8 pm Sunday
Warrensburg: 146.880 – PL 107.2 8:30 pm Sunday
Polk County: 147.060 + PL 107.2 7 pm Monday

Missouri Emergency Services Net: Daily 3963 kHz LSB

Fox Hunt!

Benton County ARES is holding a Fox Hunt on June 4th, 2016 at 10AM CDT. We will meet at Orscheln Farm and Home parking lot in Warsaw. Orscheln is located just south of Highway 7 and west of Highway 65. Here’s a map:


Talk-in will be on the 146.925- (107.2) repeater.

We will have three VHF foxes hidden within a few miles of the starting point. Bring your HT and any directional antenna you can whip up. Do a Google search for “measuring tape yagi” and you’ll find plans for antennas you can build from your junk box.

No fancy prizes, but you’ll have great fun and learn some valuable skills. We’ll be grilling hot dogs afterwards and will accept a small donation to cover the cost of the food.

Come and enjoy some springtime fun with us!

Call Rick Wade KDØCNC at 660-596-2376 if you have questions.Malacca fox

December ARES Meeting

The December meeting of the Benton County ARES group will be held Saturday, December 12th at 9AM CST.  Location is the Warsaw/Lincoln Ambulance District office at 1206 Medic Drive in Warsaw.  This is on the east frontage road to Highway 65, just south of the Highway 7 junction.

We will be doing ARRL VEC testing.  If you are ready to get or upgrade your license, be sure to bring 3 forms of ID, including something with your current mailing address (like a utility bill).

KDØCNC will be talking about HF digital comms using Winmor.

New Amateurs in Benton County!

The Benton County ARES group just completed a two day training class in Warsaw. Rick Wade KDØCNC coordinated the event, Steve Pierce WA5ICX and Rick Harkins WØYGH were the instructors, and Bob Davisson KA4BOB and Mike Schley KBØLW assisted with testing. Sincere thanks to the Hamclass.org group for the use of their training materials.

We’re proud to announce that we have seven new Technician Class licensees:

Donnie Morehead   KE0FNG
Mitchell Ransdell   KE0FNH
Linda Viebrock   KE0FNI
Barry Pabst   KE0FNJ
Ruth Sell   KE0FNK
Nathan Burton   KE0FNL
Tamara Lawler   KE0FNM

Congratulations to all!