New Amateurs in Benton County!

The Benton County ARES group just completed a two day training class in Warsaw. Rick Wade KDØCNC coordinated the event, Steve Pierce WA5ICX and Rick Harkins WØYGH were the instructors, and Bob Davisson KA4BOB and Mike Schley KBØLW assisted with testing. Sincere thanks to the group for the use of their training materials.

We’re proud to announce that we have seven new Technician Class licensees:

Donnie Morehead   KE0FNG
Mitchell Ransdell   KE0FNH
Linda Viebrock   KE0FNI
Barry Pabst   KE0FNJ
Ruth Sell   KE0FNK
Nathan Burton   KE0FNL
Tamara Lawler   KE0FNM

Congratulations to all!