Region A Healthcare Net Script

Region A Healthcare Net Script

Pre-net announcement (Two minutes before net begins)

This is (callsign) ___________, Net Control Operator for the Region A Healthcare Net. The net will begin in approximately two minutes. You can find the script and information about it on by hovering over the Local and Regional Nets Tab and selecting Region A Healthcare Script.

Begin Net at 9:30 AM

This is (callsign) ___________, Net Control Operator for the Region A Healthcare Net. The purpose of this net is to check the availability and status of amateur radio communication within District A. My name is (name) __________ and I am located in (location) _____________. At this time, I would like to call for a backup station for relaying. Is there a station available to serve as relay?

Any emergency or priority traffic will be handled immediately during this net. I will now break for any emergency traffic — emergency traffic only, please call now.

Nothing heard.

If you need to pass emergency traffic at any time during this net, please notify Net Control and your traffic will be handled immediately.

This is a directed net. Please do not transmit unless acknowledged by Net Control. During the net, please direct all communication through Net Control, (callsign) ___________.

If you try to check in and do not hear your callsign repeated, please try again when net control calls for more check-ins. Sometimes you will double or even triple with other stations trying to check in. We ask that you be patient and just keep trying. The net will not end until everyone has had a chance to check in.

After we take check-ins from health care facilities within the district, we will take regular check-ins, so regular check-ins please stand by.

When called for check-in, please provide just your callsign, first alphabetically, then phonetically, and your name. After Net Control recognizes and calls on you, please come back with your location including the name of the facility if onsite, the county and whether you have any traffic for the net.

Stations located at healthcare facilities, please check in now.

(After healthcare facilities check-in)

This is (callsign) __________. We will now take regular check-ins from anywhere. Regular check-ins please call now.

This is the last call for check-ins. If you wish to check-in on this net, please call now.

Hearing no other check-ins, I will now close this session of the Region A Healthcare Net. Thank you all for participating.

This is (callsign) _________, closing the net at ______ AM CST with _______ check-ins and returning the repeater to normal use.


What you say when checking in:

When first called, give your callsign alphabetically (K-E-Zero-L-M-Y), then phonetically (Kilo, Echo, Zero, Lima, Mike, Yankee) and your name (This is Samantha).

Once Net Control recognizes and calls you back, you give this information:

Your location (I’m located in Warsaw), the name of your facility (at the Benton County Health Department) and whether you have traffic for the net (with no traffic OR I have the following traffic for the net.)

Then you sign off and turn it back to Net Control. (Back to net control, KE0LMY, clear.)


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