Don’t forget to check into the weekly area amateur radio nets:

Missouri Emergency Services Net: 3963 kHz LSB 6 pm
Benton County, MO ARES: 146.925 with -.600 offset PL -107.2 7 pm
Sedalia (Pettis County): 147.030 PL -179.9 8 pm
Warrensburg (Johnson County): 146.880 PL -107.2 8:30 pm

Polk County: 147.060 with +.600 offset PL +107.2 7 pm
Kansas City Blind ARC net: 145.130 8 pm (or Echolink WA0NQA-R)

Cass County: 147.120 PL +151.4 7:30 pm (except 3rd Tuesday of the month no net because of meeting)
Southwest Missouri SKYWARN Training: 146.955 PL -192.8 7 pm
Lebanon Amateur Radio Club: 146.700 PL -88.5 7/8 pm (depends on daylight savings)
Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club: 28.410 USB 9 pm

C.R.I.S. (Central Region Intertie System) repeater: 443.300 PL +107.2 7pm-9pm
Wheatshocker (Fusion) net: 147.300 C4FM 8pm

Nixa Amateur Radio Club: 147.075 PL +127.3 7:30 pm

District D ARES: 147.075 PL +127.3 7:30 pm

Lake of the Ozarks: 146.730 9 am
Kansas-Nebraska Radio Club: 443.300 PL +107.2 9pm

Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society: 146.790 PL -88.5 8 pm

Upright and Still Breathing (USB): 146.880 PL -107.2 8:00 am

Region A Healthcare Net: 146.880 PL -107.2 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am. All amateur radio operators are encouraged to check in after the healthcare facilities.
You can find the current script here.

Camden County Emergency Net: 146.730 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1Ø am. All amateur radio operators are encouraged to check in.

If you are running the Benton County, MO ARES net, you can find the script here.