146.925/146.325107.2KDØCNCPrimary ARES RepeaterWarsaw
147.300/147.900noneKCØRDOBackup ARESWarsaw
147.480/147.480noneARES SimplexBenton County
147.075/147.675127.3KM0HPLinked to SMLRSWarsaw

*Thank you to KD0CNC for providing/maintaining/upgrading all of the repeaters for the Benton County area.

All Repeaters

FreqOffsetToneCallLocationModeLink VOIPMiles
146.925- 0.6 MHz107.2KDØCNCWarsawFM544291Echolink1.3
147.075+ 0.6 MHz127.3KMØHPWarsawFMSMLRSRF3.4
147.300+ 0.6 MHzKDØCNCWarsawFusionKansas CityWIRES-X4.7
443.875+ 5 MHz107.2NØTLEWindsorFMAllStar21.4
443.300+ 5 MHz107.2WØDRDeepwaterFMCRISRF22.5
147.390+ 0.6 MHzKBØQWQStoverFM25.2
444.925+ 5 MHz127.3KBØQWQStoverFM25.2
146.955- 0.6 MHz192.8KAØRFOLaurieFM29.9
146.730- 0.6 MHzNØZSSunrise BeachFM892585Echolink32.8
147.030- 0.6 MHz179.9WAØSDOSedaliaFM34.2
146.880- 0.6 MHz107.2WØAUWarrensburgFusion/FM40.7
If the primary and secondary repeaters for Benton County are unavailable, repeaters in neighboring counties may be usable. Please obtain permission from the repeater owner before using them for drills or exercises.

Amateur Radio Repeaters from the Missouri Repeater Council:

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