Both of the Benton County ARES repeaters are linked to the world with Echolink.  This allows any amateur with a computer or smartphone to connect with us.

The Echolink callsign on the 146.925 repeater is KDØCNC-R, and the node number is 544291. The callsign on the 147.3ØØ repeater is KCØRDO-R, node number 9133Ø9.  It is possible to link the two repeaters together if needed, so don’t be surprised if you hear the ‘wrong’ ID on one of the repeaters.  It’s probably linked to the other.

Remember that Echolink does some buffering between the radio and the internet, so pause for a second or two between transmissions to allow the other end to hear the entire conversation.

If you hear unusual callsigns on the repeater, give them a call!  It’s a great way to make new friends. We usually have two or three Echolink users from all around the country connect with us every day.

If you’re interested in setting up Echolink on your computer, click here.