Member Spotlight

At the October BC ARES meeting, we called to a vote the idea of implementing a “Member Spotlight” and it was unanimously voted in. As a result, we will soon be announcing our very first featured member for our new Member Spotlight.

We will be including a write up on the selected member with information such as callsign, license level, what they use their ham radios for, contributions to the BC ARES group, and a small blurb about them so we can all get to know our members!

The chosen member in the Member Spotlight will also receive this certificate (or one similar!):

Here are some of the things we consider when choosing the member for our member spotlight:

-Activity (Do you regularly check in on our weekly nets? Do you participate in group activities? Do you regularly attend meetings? Do you contribute ideas and volunteer to put those ideas into action? etc.)
-Fulfillment of requirements (Are you a member of the ARES group in good standings? Have you completed the required FEMA training and turned those certifications in to the EC? Are you pursuing further training? Do you volunteer with other groups, such as CERT, The American Red Cross, or civil emergency planning?)
-Personability (Are you approachable? Do you assist new hams and those new to the ARES group and organization? Do you lend your expertise in situations where it is appropriate and helpful? Do you show an interest in aiding the group in times of need?)

There are other factors used to determine how the Member Spotlight is chosen as well, but those three are the primary things we look at when considering to whom we award this honor. We hope this encourages you and gives you yet another reason to strive to be the best ARES member and amateur radio operator you can be!