Forms added to the Quick Reference Guide

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

The last two days have been busy! After speaking with KDØCNC, KØRWL, and KF4MXF (in person, in an email, and over the phone, respectively), I have been given instruction on the need to make my monthly reports over the radio on the Missouri Traffic Net and how to do so! This is great news for you, our members, because you can tune into the MTN and hear real traffic passed, not only by me but also by other groups in the area!

5:45 PM 3.963 LSB Missouri Traffic Net
6:30 PM 3.963 LSB MESN – Missouri Emergency Services Net
*These times sometimes change to an hour earlier in the winter due to band conditions.

In response to this next stage of learning, I have put two pdf files under the BC ARES Library Quick Reference Guide. They are the ICS-213 and the ARRL Radiogram! This brings our website another step closer to being a place you can go for all of your radio communication informational needs!

I appreciate the help I receive from all of the hams I talk to during this learning period! Thank you also to our members who make the time each week to check into our Sunday night BC ARES net and each month to attend our meetings on the second Saturday of the month. Without each of you there, volunteering your time, our group simply wouldn’t exist!

We are always on the lookout for new members and would LOVE to meet more local amateur radio operators!

New additions to the website!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

We have taken time over the last few weeks to add some really useful links to our website. We want to make it easier for you to find a lot of information in one place!

Here are some of the most recent additions:

Tabletop training exercises
Camden County, MO CERT (website pending)
7290 Traffic Net Great information on passing traffic!
MO-Kan Regional Council of Amateur Radio Organizations

We will be adding more affiliate links to the website this month as we hear back from potential affiliates!

January meeting update!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

Inclement weather and illness made for a very small meeting in the month of January! We would like to thank KD0VMM, KE0LMZ and me for coming to the meeting and we would also like to thank KY0O and KD0WXT for providing radio support and monitoring for the meeting and the scenario.

Okay, business first. W0YGH has posted the Ice/Snowstorm scenario here and we will continue to add to that drop down each time we create new tabletop training exercises. We will also be putting up a completed version, based on information and suggestions gathered during the time they are reviewed at meetings. Though there was only a handful of us, we heard some really good answers and suggestions! Winter Field Day is approaching and we would love for our members to tune in and make contacts. We are following the WAARCI for the duration so we can learn how it’s done! We have a member to spotlight for our inaugural Member Spotlight, however, due to the weather, we are going to hold off on posting and presenting until hopefully the February meeting. We would like to thank our members who have forwarded me their FEMA certifications! You are all doing a fantastic job staying on top of the requirements and we appreciate your hard work and dedication! We also covered the idea of Welcome Packets for new members of ARES/new amateur radio operators. We will list those somewhere on the site and update you on that in a future post. Ideas and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!

Okay, fun stuff now!

We had a new volunteer (W0YQG) run our BC ARES net on Sunday! She did a fantastic job and will now be running the net on the second Sunday of the month! GREAT JOB, W0YQG!

KE0LMZ and Foxtrot are organizing some shenanigans for the group to take part in and we look forward to seeing what those two cook up! We’ve heard their version of a Fox Hunt does not involve horses, dogs or FOXES!

Stay tuned for another post detailing additions to the website!

Introducing our newest affiliate:

I’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest affiliate: Camden County, MO CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)!

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Hoover this evening at the informational meeting for this round of CERT training classes. Eric is at the forefront of CERT activities and training for Camden County and surrounding areas! He is eager to meet more residents who take an interest in being prepared for emergencies and is also a licensed amateur radio operator! When I spoke with Eric and Dan (more about them after training starts!), I let them know about our website, as well as our weekly ARES net. We hope to hear them on the air soon and look forward to working on great partnerships with Camden County, MO CERT and Camden County, MO ARES!

Weekly ARES net and monthly meeting information

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

I wanted to bring in the new year with information and reminders about our weekly ARES net and monthly meeting information!

Benton County, MO ARES net: 146.925 – PL 107.2 7 pm every Sunday

Benton County, MO ARES meets monthly at 9 a.m. on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The January BC ARES meeting will be held on January 13, 2018, at the Benton County Health Department. Address: 1238 Commercial St, Warsaw, MO 65355.

You do NOT need to be a member of ARES to attend the meetings, but we will definitely encourage you to join us if you are not! The meetings are informal, but we generally try to get some training or discussion going. Amateur radio licensing tests may be available with advance notice.

Please attend and share your ideas for making ARES a better resource for Benton County!

Why “Likes” on Facebook are crucial.

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

Many people wonder why “Liking” a post on Facebook is not only important to Emergency Service groups like ours but crucial. Let me see if I can explain, based on what I learned in a Keynote address at the 2017 Show Me Partnerships Conference.

Facebook is constantly running algorithms which look at how “important” a group/organization is and changes their ability to post, based on those algorithms.

What does THAT mean?

It means that a small group like the BC ARES is limited on how many posts it can put out per day.

Why is THAT important?

Normally, that’s not important at all. I have never hit the daily post limit. Now, in the case of an emergency, this becomes a crucial point because if we are limited to say, 50 posts a day, this means if we hit that number, we can’t give you updates about OUR county! I know 50 posts sounds like A LOT, but it isn’t. The number of road closures, status updates, people checking on their friends and family, hospital and other healthcare facilities available to take patients, etc. can multiply rapidly.

But, we use Ham Radio, so how does that work against us as a group?

While most of the Hams I know are fortunate enough to own radios and antennas to tune in to our emergency nets, some are not. We are taught to pass this kind of emergency traffic in ANY way available to us. This includes phone, fax, internet, radio and any other way we can think of to get the word out in emergency situations.

Can you sum it up?

Sure! If our members like our Facebook posts regularly, we can keep the number of posts we can make per day up and we will have access to this important resource during emergencies!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn about the importance of “Likes” on Facebook!

New things on the BC ARES website!

Hi, all!

KEØLMY here!

If you haven’t been to the site for a little while, you will find some great new features! As we mentioned earlier, we have added a search bar and also a quick reference guide.

W0YGH spent some time wrestling with the website today and was able to add our new Weather alerts over to the right side of the screen here on the homepage! He has it based in Warsaw since that is where the BC ARES holds its meetings. Thank you, Rick, for taking the time to work on the site!

We have plenty of plans to further improve the site. As usual, if you have any suggestions, recommendations or constructive criticism, you can contact us through our contact us link!

Local and Regional Net List is Growing!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

WØYGH and I (along with some assistance from other hams in the area) have been working on expanding our Local and Regional Net List. We are really stretching in all directions, because not only are our members scattered far and wide but since this is a public website, we want to help as many hams as possible find nets to communicate on every night of the week!

If you run or know of any local nets we could add to our growing list, please submit them to us through our contact us page! We would love to reach out to more hams in our community!

November meeting

Hello all!

KEØLMY here!

Our November meeting was very busy! We were able to cover a long list of topics and every person contributed something helpful!

I’d like to thank the following members for coming out on Saturday: KDØCNC, KAØDXU, WØYGH, KDØWXT, KDØAFI, KDØAFJ, KDØIWM, and KEØLMZ.

Meeting topics:

-“Changing of the Guard” ceremony
We presented KDØCNC with a commemorative plaque for his years of service as the Emergency Coordinator of the BC ARES. You can find more about this on the EC Blog.
-KDØCNC presented me with my Appointment Certificate from the ARRL to the position of Emergency Coordinator
-Community outreach
Design pamphlet to mail out to existing Hams about ARES
Design letter of introduction
-Certificates of Appreciation/Heritage Days discussion
We had 63 people sign our visitor’s log and traffic on the website has picked up, due in part to the pencils we distributed with the website
on them during Heritage Days.
Certificates for those who participated but were unable to attend the meeting will be mailed out shortly
W0YGH is putting together more options for polo shirts. More information at the next meeting.
-Personnel information sheets
-Script changes for the BC ARES net
-Seeking volunteers to run the nets including backups
-Wear white shirts for December meeting for group photo
-Locations for future meetings (Robert’s house, library, overlook, health dept)
-FEMA training, CW training classes with KAØDXU/KDØCNC, Actual Mobile repeater coverage testing
-TeamSpeak 3
-WebSDR demo
-reach out to the Mennonite and Mormon Amateur Radio group
-Resource page and search bar added to the website

More resources added!

Hi, all!

KEØLMY here!

First, I would like to thank the Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc. for becoming our newest affiliate! Their website offers a plethora of handy resources for hams, no matter where you are located. You can find the link under our Affiliates tab.

Next, I have created an Emergency Coordinator blog. This is where I will keep you all updated on my progress and work as your EC. You can find my blog by hovering over the About ARES/EC/AEC and clicking on Emergency Coordinator Blog.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding dozens of useful links/information to make it easier for hams to find and use.