BC ARES February meeting agenda

As we mentioned in several other posts, our February meeting will be held at the Benton County 911 building, behind the water tower in Warsaw. We would LOVE to have record numbers come out for the meeting to show support for the group!


-Pass out Enterprise papers
-Review/develop more ideas for the Welcome Packet
-Rerun the Ice/Snowstorm Tabletop Scenario
-Group activities and gatherings
-School and club outreach (middle/high schools, CERT, VOAD, other area ARCs)
-Member Spotlight
-Updates to website
-CW training class planning
-Phone tree
-birthday list and members page
-Discuss Summer Field Days
-Volunteer to run third or fourth Sunday net
-FEMA certifications (possible group classes)
-Future meeting locations

January meeting update!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

Inclement weather and illness made for a very small meeting in the month of January! We would like to thank KD0VMM, KE0LMZ and me for coming to the meeting and we would also like to thank KY0O and KD0WXT for providing radio support and monitoring for the meeting and the scenario.

Okay, business first. W0YGH has posted the Ice/Snowstorm scenario here and we will continue to add to that drop down each time we create new tabletop training exercises. We will also be putting up a completed version, based on information and suggestions gathered during the time they are reviewed at meetings. Though there was only a handful of us, we heard some really good answers and suggestions! Winter Field Day is approaching and we would love for our members to tune in and make contacts. We are following the WAARCI for the duration so we can learn how it’s done! We have a member to spotlight for our inaugural Member Spotlight, however, due to the weather, we are going to hold off on posting and presenting until hopefully the February meeting. We would like to thank our members who have forwarded me their FEMA certifications! You are all doing a fantastic job staying on top of the requirements and we appreciate your hard work and dedication! We also covered the idea of Welcome Packets for new members of ARES/new amateur radio operators. We will list those somewhere on the site and update you on that in a future post. Ideas and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!

Okay, fun stuff now!

We had a new volunteer (W0YQG) run our BC ARES net on Sunday! She did a fantastic job and will now be running the net on the second Sunday of the month! GREAT JOB, W0YQG!

KE0LMZ and Foxtrot are organizing some shenanigans for the group to take part in and we look forward to seeing what those two cook up! We’ve heard their version of a Fox Hunt does not involve horses, dogs or FOXES!

Stay tuned for another post detailing additions to the website!

January meeting topics

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

As usual, our meeting is lining up to be a very active, busy time. Below you will find my highlights list. As we work to make our group more active, interactive and welcoming, I look forward to hearing ideas and opinions from each of you. I hope you are able to join us on January 13 at 9 a.m. at the Benton County Health Department.

Remember, you do not have to be a member of ARES or licensed in amateur radio to attend our meeting. We welcome members of law enforcement, EMTs, volunteers, people who have an interest in our hobby or emergency communications, and we are a kid-friendly group (teens make good couriers for messages if they aren’t licensed hams themselves)!

We hope to see you there!


-Welcome Packets
-Tabletop training
-FEMA certifications
-Phone tree
-Volunteers to run the weekly net
-Next month’s meeting at the 911 center to complete setup of Radio Room
-Winter Field Day
-Checking into other area nets
-Testing repeater coverage for the Feb meeting
-Newspapers distributed
-changes coming to ARES
-Group activities
-School and club outreach
-Existing Amateur outreach

Weekly ARES net and monthly meeting information

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

I wanted to bring in the new year with information and reminders about our weekly ARES net and monthly meeting information!

Benton County, MO ARES net: 146.925 – PL 107.2 7 pm every Sunday

Benton County, MO ARES meets monthly at 9 a.m. on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The January BC ARES meeting will be held on January 13, 2018, at the Benton County Health Department. Address: 1238 Commercial St, Warsaw, MO 65355.

You do NOT need to be a member of ARES to attend the meetings, but we will definitely encourage you to join us if you are not! The meetings are informal, but we generally try to get some training or discussion going. Amateur radio licensing tests may be available with advance notice.

Please attend and share your ideas for making ARES a better resource for Benton County!

Upcoming ARES Net and January meeting!

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

2018 dawned cold and bright! We have tons of new activities, training, drills and other things planned for our group!

Let’s start with the important stuff.

This Sunday, we will resume our weekly ARES net at 7 p.m. Following this net, we will be having a very special roundtable, so we ask that you all stick around after the ARES net closes. We will be discussing our upcoming tabletop training exercise. Originally, I thought we would do a fire scenario since that is a big possibility here in MO with the dry years we have had. However, after experiencing the subzero temperatures and broken pipes we have had to deal with in the last week, I would love to do an ice storm/snowstorm scenario. We would love for everyone to participate in this planning phase with us Sunday evening, especially if you have experience in EmComm or no experience and would like to learn! We will be running the first tabletop training at our January ARES meeting.

Next, we ask that if you have not turned in or forwarded the email copy of your FEMA IS 100, 700 and 800 certificates to me (KE0LMY), please do so. This will keep our group in compliance with the ARRL rules regarding ARES membership. Thank you so much to the additional members who have forwarded me their emails since the last meeting!

It is my intention to announce our inaugural Member Spotlight award at the upcoming January meeting. The person is chosen by myself and my AECs and will have their certificate and a short write-up posted on the website, as well as receiving a physical certificate for their own records.

Okay, now the fun stuff!

I really enjoyed the festivities during the Christmas meeting and would love to have that kind of joyous camaraderie in the future! After all, the whole point of amateur radio is to foster a sense of friendly communication and become familiar with other operators! If you have any recommendations on things our group could do together, feel free to either message us or bring up some suggestions at the monthly meeting! I have already heard suggestions regarding a fox hunt with a hilarious twist, a ham radio “poker run” (still working on the logistics of this one!), and a creative way to test actual repeater coverage areas for KD0CNC’s repeaters! Keep those suggestions coming!

Our unofficial “Mascot”, Foxtrot, will be up to some shenanigans which we hope to extend to local schools and clubs in the area to drum up interest in our hobby! Look out for future reports and travels with him from KE0LMZ!

Happy Holidays from the BC ARES! (A.K.A. December ARES meeting!)

Hello, everyone!

KE0LMY here!

WOW! Our December meeting was absolutely packed with some of the most wonderful topics and surprises!

First, the business topics. We had more members attend our meeting this month! Thank you to the following people: KE0LMY, W0YGH, W9LBG, KA0DXU, N0PCT, KD0CNC, KD0CND, KR0UT, KY0O, W0YQG, WA5ICX, W5RNX, KE0EJZ, KD0AFI, KD0AFJ, and KE0LMZ. We discussed the introduction letters and tri-fold pamphlets we will be using to reach out to amateur radio operators in the area to make them aware of our presence. Copies of both were shown to the BC ARES members. We covered the people whose FEMA certifications are on file and encouraged our members to update their training and make sure I have a copy of those certifications. We discussed the weekly ARES nets, taking volunteers to run them. Members who had not updated their ARES paperwork for me did so. Members were also asked to sign photo release forms so pictures taken for the purpose of ARES can be used in a variety of places. We discussed the (Getting Comfortable Speaking on the Radio) training for the Region A Healthcare net which I am working on with W0YGH.

Next, the fun stuff! I previously posted the article which will be submitted to the ARRL about “Kelly’s Surprise” and would love for everyone to read it when they have a moment. Our goal was to pull together as a group and buy Kelly the radio, antenna, coax and other things she needed to start working the HF bands. She is our visually impaired ham who may not have had this opportunity otherwise. It was the group’s pleasure to help a fellow ham and Kelly was moved to tears by the gesture! KE0LMZ and I were also hard at work for the last month on personalized BC ARES t-shirts and callsign plaques for our members! We only had three gifts whose owners were unable to make the meeting. We had a full spread of food, including four different types of homemade muffins, two different kinds of cookies, candy, candy canes, pudding, veggies, and the EVER-IMPORTANT donuts! Can’t have a BC ARES meeting without the donuts!

Finally, we set some of the topics for January’s meeting. We will hold our first Tabletop exercise of 2018 at the January meeting. The team assisting me with putting that together are W0YGH, N0PCT, W9LBG, and KD0AFI. I am hoping I will receive more FEMA certificates from members who wish to keep their training up to date. Polo shirt information will be provided. We will set up our “Phone Tree”. As more topics are added, I will update this information.

The BC ARES Reaches Out to Help a Ham in Need!

The Benton County, Missouri Amateur Radio Emergency Service Group Reaches Out to Help a Ham in Need!
Written by: Samantha Henley (KE0LMY) and Renee Cason (KE0LMZ)

It is a great honor to be part of something as special as a group working together toward a common goal. Two of our members, Jim McNally (KA0DXU) and Rick Wade (KD0CNC), spearheaded a super secret plan to do something very special for a talented, warm, outgoing amateur radio operator in our group.

Miss Kelly Stanfield (previously KD0IWM and now W0YQG) is a visually impaired ham who came to the Benton County, MO ARES (BC ARES) group in August 2017. She has attended every meeting, contributed ideas, participated in weekly nets, visited Rick’s EmComm trailer during Warsaw, MO Pioneer Heritage Days in October, attained her General Class and then Extra Class licenses within a span of two months and inspired all of us to strive to be the best we can be every time we interact with her. She does not allow her disability to be a hindrance. She is open to trying new things, meeting new people and enjoying life to the fullest.

When Jim and Rick heard that she had obtained her General Class license, they wanted to give her the ability to speak with people all over the world. They worked with members of the BC ARES to raise the funds needed to purchase a Kenwood TS- 590s HF radio with a VGS-1 voice synthesizer board, and a Powerwerx 30 Amp power supply. An 80-10 meter dipole antenna with a Comtec 4:1 current balun, 140 FT of coax, insulators, wire, and PL-259 connectors will be installed outside Kelly’s home. Kelly’s uncles, Joe, Lee and Roger Krout purchased a flight case for Kelly to store and transport her new radio easily!

In order for a sightless person to operate a complex radio like this, the radio must ‘speak’ when settings change. The Kenwood has this ability with the synthesizer board installed. Rick ordered and paid for the VGS-1 voice synthesizer board and Jim installed and tested the voice synthesis feature that will allow the radio to verbalize and interact with Miss Stanfield. During all of this, Jim was in contact with Miss Stanfield’s uncle, Joe Krout (KR0UT), and best friend, Craig Martin (KY0O), so they could take part in the surprise as well.

Miss Stanfield is a third generation Amateur Radio operator on her mother’s side of the family. She was very excited to recently acquire her grandfather, Harry Krout’s callsign (W0YQG) since he became a Silent Key. It was obvious to the group that she wanted to keep up the family tradition. Her first radio was a Kenwood TMV71A, which she still owns and uses to this day for local contacts and participating in BC ARES nets and activities.

Miss Stanfield has been visually impaired for her entire life. This did not stop her from attaining a job and assisting with a radio podcast on a weekly basis. When the possibility arose for her to leave Kansas and move to Warsaw, Missouri, Miss Stanfield was excited by the possibilities. She soon found the Benton County, Missouri ARES and Twin Lakes Amateur Radio Club.

Rick Wade, then Emergency Coordinator for the BC ARES, was astounded by her capabilities.

“I don’t know how she does it,” he remarked upon meeting Miss Stanfield. “She’s pretty amazing. She doesn’t complain about her disability or use it as an excuse.”

One of Miss Stanfield’s most remarkable traits is her sense of humor. She can often be found spouting one-liners and having fun with her disability. Some of her favorites are: “Long time, no see!” “Something bad happened? I didn’t see anything!” and “Looks fine to me!”, among others.

We look forward to helping Miss Stanfield grow into a strong, independent Ham and watching what she can achieve!

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this great cause: Jim McNally (KA0DXU), Rick Wade (KD0CNC), Samantha Henley (KE0LMY), Joe Krout (KR0UT), Craig Martin (KY0O), Rick Harkins (W0YGH), Michael Schley (KB0LW), Steve Pierce (WA5ICX), Rebecca Pierce (W5RNX), Robert Scott (KD0AFI), Della Scott (KD0AFJ), Roger Henley (KD0WXT), Renee Cason (KE0LMZ), Lee Krout and Roger Krout.

*This article, along with pictures from the event, will be submitted to the ARRL for publication.

Upcoming December meeting!

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here.

Our December meeting is one week away and KE0LMZ and I have been working like Santa’s good little elves to make sure it’s a special one for our BC ARES members!

We have quite a few things on the agenda, including:

-Photo release forms
-BC ARES Identification badges
-Review letter/brochure for community outreach
-FEMA training updates

Now for the fun stuff!

Along with the Christmas gifts for our members, KE0LMZ and I are providing quite a few snacks and treats. We are making Banana Bread Muffins, Cinnamon Swirl Muffins, Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Muffins and a slew of prepackaged cookies and such. You are welcome to bring any food you would like, but it’s not a requirement! We want everyone to join us for this joyous occasion and look forward to seeing all of you.

As a reminder, please try to wear a white shirt since we would like to take a group picture for use on our website and Facebook page!

November meeting

Hello all!

KEØLMY here!

Our November meeting was very busy! We were able to cover a long list of topics and every person contributed something helpful!

I’d like to thank the following members for coming out on Saturday: KDØCNC, KAØDXU, WØYGH, KDØWXT, KDØAFI, KDØAFJ, KDØIWM, and KEØLMZ.

Meeting topics:

-“Changing of the Guard” ceremony
We presented KDØCNC with a commemorative plaque for his years of service as the Emergency Coordinator of the BC ARES. You can find more about this on the EC Blog.
-KDØCNC presented me with my Appointment Certificate from the ARRL to the position of Emergency Coordinator
-Community outreach
Design pamphlet to mail out to existing Hams about ARES
Design letter of introduction
-Certificates of Appreciation/Heritage Days discussion
We had 63 people sign our visitor’s log and traffic on the website has picked up, due in part to the pencils we distributed with the website
on them during Heritage Days.
Certificates for those who participated but were unable to attend the meeting will be mailed out shortly
W0YGH is putting together more options for polo shirts. More information at the next meeting.
-Personnel information sheets
-Script changes for the BC ARES net
-Seeking volunteers to run the nets including backups
-Wear white shirts for December meeting for group photo
-Locations for future meetings (Robert’s house, library, overlook, health dept)
-FEMA training, CW training classes with KAØDXU/KDØCNC, Actual Mobile repeater coverage testing
-TeamSpeak 3
-WebSDR demo
-reach out to the Mennonite and Mormon Amateur Radio group
-Resource page and search bar added to the website