Tactical Storm Spotter training a huge success!

Hello, everyone!

KE0LMY here!

Attendance was great at the Tactical Storm Spotter training class which took place in Warsaw this evening! We had members of law enforcement, firefighters, a dispatcher, emergency management, Lake Area Storm Spotters, and ham radio in the Warsaw Lincoln Ambulance Barn conference room paying close attention to the National Weather Service representative from Springfield, Steve Reynolds!

Steve’s high energy and interactive method of teaching were key in showing us how to accurately report weather events (specifically storm systems which could spawn funnel clouds and tornadoes), so the NWS could put out timely and comprehensive warnings. The most intriguing parts were the roleplays Steve initiated between the dispatcher and members of the training class.

The class ended on a high note with a few words from Mark Richerson, the Benton County, MO Emergency Management Director, encouraging open communication, training, and drills to benefit all parties involved in responding to large-scale emergencies!

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Reminder: Tactical Storm Spotter Training Tomorrow Night!

Hello, everyone!

KE0LMY here!

Just a quick reminder that the Tactical Storm Spotter training for tomorrow night will begin at 6:30 PM and last until 8:30 PM. It will be held at the Warsaw/Lincoln Ambulance building by the water tower in Warsaw.

This training counts as an in-seat training to keep your SKYWARN certification current.

We would love to have representatives of the BC ARES in attendance!

Summer Field Day 2018

Hello, everyone!

KE0LMY here!

We have set up a new page here on the website where we will post information about Summer Field Day as the event draws closer. We have partnered with the Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc. and the Sedalia Pettis Amateur Radio Klub to turn this into a truly remarkable event!

We have several meetings between now and June (23-24) when the event takes place and we will be looking for volunteers to attend the event representing the BC ARES. Also, if you have any graphic design skills and would like to aid in making graphics for the BC ARES for the event (and other things), please contact us.

Remember, we are a completely volunteer organization. We collect no dues, have no grants, or any other means of income at the moment.

We look forward to your participation and thank you for volunteering!

Kids Editorial Updated!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

A new Kids Editorial has been posted about KEØLMZ’s first time running a net! You can find it under the Kids Corner>Kids Editorial page here.

There are some changes taking place in the BC ARES. We will cover them at our next meeting on March 10, 2018, at the Benton County Health Department. We hope you will join us there (and that the weather decides to cooperate this time!) to take part in the discussion, training, group efforts, and more!

BC ARES NET on 147.480 Simplex tonight!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

There are some technical difficulties with KDØCNC’s 146.925 repeater. He is aware of the issue and will work on it when the weather and road conditions improve and he has time. Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

If it is not back up and running by 7 PM CST, please remember we run on the simplex frequency of 147.480.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Update: Thank you to KDØWXT, KEØLMY, KEØLMZ, KDØCNC, and KDØCND for checking in on Simplex. Also, thank you to WØYGH, KDØAES, and KC5RQT for checking in on Echolink and relaying through WØYGH to the BC ARES! We appreciate the support!

Member Spotlight for January 2018

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

The weather has not been very cooperative on two of our monthly meetings so far in 2018. My intention was to hand out member spotlights at each meeting. Since that has been impossible, I thought it was time to get the ball rolling. I have posted the January 2018 member spotlight on its own page here and intend to hand out both February and March member spotlights at the March meeting (weather pending!).

I have to gather some information from the two members chosen for February and March before posting them here on the website for everyone to see. Stay tuned to meet more of our great members!

KEØLMZ ran her very first net!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

Occasionally, I must let the “Proud Mom” show! KEØLMZ ran her very first net EVER! The BC ARES is proud to promote our great hobby to today’s youth! She did a great job and even passed her first traffic during the net! Thank you to KYØO for the pointers and the help! You have a way of giving advice that is perfect for encouraging people to better themselves!

We look forward to having more new voices taking their turns at running the BC ARES net on Sunday nights! If you are interested in running the net, please contact us!

QST article update!

Hello again, everyone!

KE0LMY here!

I am very excited to bring you an update on the progress of our article. I submitted the article from December about Kelly’s surprise to QST and today I received this email:

“Hi Samantha.

Just a note confirming the receipt of your release form for: Up Front – BC AES Reaches Out to Help a Ham in Need!

One of our QST handling editors will contact you when work begins on your article.

Thanks for your patience.

Maty Weinberg

Production Coordinator”

I will bring you further updates as I receive them!

January EC Report and Review

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

I am sitting down once again to do my monthly EC report and I am blown away by the number of people who give the group their time each week/month. Our numbers on the weekly net are holding pretty steady and though we had terrible road conditions/illness hit our monthly meeting numbers hard, we are still doing very well! I would like to say a special thank you to our members who are in other states now, yet still take the time to check in with us on our weekly nets. That shows true dedication and we are glad you are part of our group!

Thank you to those who have forwarded me their FEMA certification emails! I appreciate the time and effort you volunteer to put into our group and your training. The courses aren’t exactly Hollywood Blockbusters, but they are crucial to our members so they will know what will happen in the case of an actual emergency!

Next, I would like to say thank you to KDØCNC. None of us truly know or understand the amount of time he volunteers to our group, the MESN, SHARES, Region A Healthcare, and all of the other things he makes the effort to support. He maintains all of the repeaters our group uses and works tirelessly to help amateur radio operators every day. Thank you, Rick. Words could never do justice to our appreciation!

Finally, I would like to thank the groups who have invited us to work (play!) with them! The Region A Healthcare participants, Region D ARES, Camden County, MO CERT, WAARCI (Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.), Northside Amateur Radio Club (more on them in an upcoming post!), and numerous other groups and clubs have all generously reached out to the BC ARES or we reached out to them. This is the overall goal of the ARRL’s ARES program and my personal drive for our group. Thank you all for the warm welcome and cooperation!