How a Blue-Sky Partnership saved the Region A Healthcare Net!

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Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

I have just updated the EC Blog with the events which unfolded this morning before the Region A Healthcare Net.

I would like to sincerely thank WAARCI‘s president, Cary Altman (KBØHV), and Johnson County Emergency Management Director, Troy Armstrong (KEØOAU), for their quick thinking, assistance, and willingness to help!

Situations like these are why I am so grateful for our Blue-Sky Partnership!

Region A Healthcare Meeting and Net Info

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

After attending the Region A Healthcare Coalition Meeting today, I have some updates, news, and changes for you.

One of the concerns for the Region A Healthcare net was that if it continues to grow (as we hope it does!), it may begin to run into the MOSWIN net which happens at 10 AM on the third Wednesday of the month. I approached the coalition with this concern today and we came up with a game plan. We couldn’t move our net, due to conference calls and other things the healthcare centers are responsible for, so we opted to allow the hospitals and healthcare centers to check in first on the net and then Leave/Sign off. If there is any traffic for them, they will receive that information in an email directly from Net Control (usually me).

A change is also being implemented in the scripting. We are adding announcements at the beginning of the net, mainly to remind everyone to turn off their radios or switch off their APRS so they will not continuously ping the Warrensburg repeater after the conclusion of the net. As always, we thank WAARCI (Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.) for the use of their repeater for this invaluable service!

Finally, Bill Moberly has reviewed and approved the scripting, training materials, and beta test information for the “Getting Comfortable Speaking on the Radio” Training course! I will be polishing that up and will be posting it right here on the BC ARES website, as well as arranging to travel to healthcare facilities who would like to have the training in person in the coming months!

It has been great spearheading this training program and net and I look forward to continuing and building upon it as it continues!

Great April BC ARES Meeting!!!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

Wow! What a fun, interactive meeting for April! We covered a lot of topics and changes to the BC ARES.

April 2018

-Welcome Packets
-Phone tree/birthdays/members page
-Public outreach
-“Ham Scouts”
-ARC formation to support the BC ARES
-Member Spotlight
-Updates/Ideas for website
-ARRL Field Day
-VE list update
-Seeking AEC of Operations and AEC of Training
-FEMA training
-Tabletop exercise

I want to thank the members who attended the meeting today: KEØLMY, KEØLMZ, KCØOXO, WØYQG, WA5ICX, WØOES, and our newest member, KEØQAL! Also, thank you to future hams/members: Carolyn and Glenn! Thank you to KDØWXT for providing radio support before and during the meeting, as well!

We were able to run the Tabletop Exercise with this group and found some areas we can improve it! We had a conversation about the need to form a new amateur radio club to partner with the BC ARES for financial support and you’ll see more about that in the coming months! We have several ideas of new content for the website/FB page. The idea of a “Ham Scouts” Loyalty and Participation Program was met with immediate approval! Stay tuned for more information on that as we get it from conceptualization to actualization! The group approved the idea of reintroducing ARES to the school system through the STEM (or STEAM) program.

We need a few things from our members so records can be updated: birthday (month and day only), updated phone number, a picture of yourself (no one else in the picture, please!), if you are a volunteer examiner (what license level), if you are available for public outreach events, and if you are interested in an AEC position.

Our next BC ARES meeting will be on May 12, 2018, at the Benton County 911 Building. We hope to see you there!

ARRL Field Day 2018

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Hello, all!

KE0LMY here!

Though there is a Winter Field Day, it has been brought to my attention that I should not call the Field Day which occurs in the summer “Summer Field Day”. I have corrected our website to reflect the proper information, as well as the emblem created for the BC ARES for the ARRL Field Day partnership.

The ARRL has also released their Field Day 2018 merchandise, which you can find here if you are interested!

New BC ARES Calendar!

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

After much ado (and some wrestling with widgets and plugins which broke the site), I finally created a BC ARES Calendar page!

It is so new, that I have a lot of things to add, so bear with me while I take some time to update/add information to the page! If you have any suggestions, activities, hamfests, contests, or anything else to add to the BC ARES Calendar, just message me and let me know!

EC Blog updated!

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

I’ve updated the EC Blog with the two articles I wrote this month. The first is my editorial on my CPR training and the second is on my experiences with CERT training.

I’d like to congratulate Kelly Stanfield (WØYQG) for completing CERT training and gaining a communications role with the BC MO CERT! This operator continues to take on new challenges and it seems everything for which she strives, she achieves! Great job, Kelly!

Thank you to everyone who continues to check in on our weekly nets on Sunday night at 7 PM CST and to everyone who continues to attend our meetings on the second Saturday of the month! We appreciate your time and effort!

Kids Editorial Parts 1 & 2

Hello, all!

KEØLMY here!

KEØLMZ had to separate her editorial for this month into two parts! Her first part, The First Warrensburg Youth Net, has been posted! Congratulations to WAARCI on their brand new net and for making extra efforts to engage the next generation of Hams in our hobby!

Update: Part 2 has been posted to the Kids Editorial page!

CERT and ARES: A Partnership that’s Meant to be!

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here.

I am very excited to announce the release of the Spring 2018 CERT Responder Magazine, featuring an article I wrote called CERT and ARES: A Partnership that’s Meant to be!

Of course, the article had to be formatted to fit the magazine layout, so some changes were made. I will link the original article below, for anyone who wishes to read it.

Original CERT and ARES article

March Meeting Summary

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

Our March meeting was sparsely populated (and understandably so!) but those in attendance were able to get some great work done!

The BC ARES awarded Kelly Stanfield (WØYQG) and Renee Cason (KEØLMZ) with certificates memorializing their first time running nets for the group! Kelly was especially excited since it was her very first award with her new callsign used! Renee is our youngest active member and we are proud of her initiative!

Above you will see the table banner design Scott Lawson (NØPCT) has volunteered to make for the group! We want to extend our gratitude to Scott for this service!

We now have 2 Mens Large and 2 Mens X-Large ARES shirts remaining for purchase at the cost of $30 each. Please contact us if you want one of these shirts, as they are offered first come, first served at the moment.

Before the April meeting, we hope to mail out letters to existing/current/licensed amateur radio operators in our county to inform them of the presence of the BC ARES and to invite them to attend one of our meetings. We want to extend this invitation to our existing members as well. Without volunteers, the group does NOT exist.

We have posted pictures from the meeting on our photographs tab here under Meetings 2018.

Our Member Spotlight for February 2018 is Robert Scott (KDØAFI) and our Member Spotlight for March 2018 is Roger Wiltz (KCØOXO). Both of these members will be presented with their framed certificates, their interviews/information will be posted here on the website under the Member Spotlight page as soon as they can be interviewed, and our members can speak with them at future meetings!

We reviewed the new BC ARES Connect ID number and purpose.

We reviewed the Summer Field Day partnership and discussed the plan to participate both in Warrensburg and here in Benton County in June. More information will come from WAARCI and SPARK and will be shared with our members here on the website and at future meetings!

We hope to have great attendance and participation at our April meeting! The BC ARES has some training and fun activities planned! We would love to see more members (and future members) gather together!