Upcoming ARES Net and January meeting!

Hello, everyone!

KEØLMY here!

2018 dawned cold and bright! We have tons of new activities, training, drills and other things planned for our group!

Let’s start with the important stuff.

This Sunday, we will resume our weekly ARES net at 7 p.m. Following this net, we will be having a very special roundtable, so we ask that you all stick around after the ARES net closes. We will be discussing our upcoming tabletop training exercise. Originally, I thought we would do a fire scenario since that is a big possibility here in MO with the dry years we have had. However, after experiencing the subzero temperatures and broken pipes we have had to deal with in the last week, I would love to do an ice storm/snowstorm scenario. We would love for everyone to participate in this planning phase with us Sunday evening, especially if you have experience in EmComm or no experience and would like to learn! We will be running the first tabletop training at our January ARES meeting.

Next, we ask that if you have not turned in or forwarded the email copy of your FEMA IS 100, 700 and 800 certificates to me (KE0LMY), please do so. This will keep our group in compliance with the ARRL rules regarding ARES membership. Thank you so much to the additional members who have forwarded me their emails since the last meeting!

It is my intention to announce our inaugural Member Spotlight award at the upcoming January meeting. The person is chosen by myself and my AECs and will have their certificate and a short write-up posted on the website, as well as receiving a physical certificate for their own records.

Okay, now the fun stuff!

I really enjoyed the festivities during the Christmas meeting and would love to have that kind of joyous camaraderie in the future! After all, the whole point of amateur radio is to foster a sense of friendly communication and become familiar with other operators! If you have any recommendations on things our group could do together, feel free to either message us or bring up some suggestions at the monthly meeting! I have already heard suggestions regarding a fox hunt with a hilarious twist, a ham radio “poker run” (still working on the logistics of this one!), and a creative way to test actual repeater coverage areas for KD0CNC’s repeaters! Keep those suggestions coming!

Our unofficial “Mascot”, Foxtrot, will be up to some shenanigans which we hope to extend to local schools and clubs in the area to drum up interest in our hobby! Look out for future reports and travels with him from KE0LMZ!

Author: Samantha Henley

I serve as the Deputy Director of the Benton County, MO Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Emergency Coordinator for the BC ARES. I have completed FEMA's IS-100b, IS-120, 200b, IS-230, IS-317, 700a, and 800b. I have also completed the ARRL EC-001 course and Tactical Storm Spotter training. I manage the website (bcmoem.com) and Facebook page for the Benton County Emergency Management Agency and for the BC ARES (bentoncountyares.org) and I serve as the net control for the Region A Healthcare monthly net and the BC ARES weekly net (on occasion). I obtained my General Class License (KEØLMY) in October 2017. You can learn more about me at AirSho and QRZ!