ARES Provides Communications for Mountain Bike Race

Benton County ARES provided communications services for the Missouri State Championship mountain bike race.  The race was held at the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park, which is becoming the premier location for mountain bike racing in the state.  The course covers 14 miles of very rugged terrain, and is challenging for even the toughest bike racers.  Throw in a generous helping of sharp Ozarks rocks on the trails, and it becomes a challenge for tires, bicycles and riders.

The ARES communications trailer was set up at the trailhead, and was the hub for other hams out on the trail.  It’s great to have race participants stop by and thank us for being there.  They appreciate knowing that help will be a little closer with  communications to the remote sections of the trail.


Left to right are Rick Wade KDØCNC, Kerry Keys KD0ORV, Terrance Wilson KDØIVJ, Chris Fink KDØCQ, Bob Davisson KA4BOB.  Not pictured is Steve Pierce WA5ICX and his wife Rebecca W5RNX.