Emergency Coordinator Blog

Photograph by KEØLMZ

The purpose of this blog is to keep BC ARES members up to date on what I, Sam Henley, am doing as the EC to promote our group and secure affiliations we can count on during emergencies in our county.


November 21, 2017

Hello, all!

The last ten days have been VERY busy for me! I have made many contacts with area nets and hams, attended the Region A Healthcare meeting and volunteered to put together mini-training sessions with the area hospitals, health departments and other facilities to help their radio users become more familiar with and more comfortable using their amateur radios! I have also started to prepare for the December meeting. KE0LMZ and I have many fun, Christmas themed things planned! In my “spare” time, I have been studying for my extra license.

First up, I have been emailing, checking in on area nets and otherwise reaching out to various amateur radio clubs and organizations in the area. As we gain more affiliates, our network and community grow larger. The main principle of ARES is to be there in times of emergency to provide communication support for people in need. I feel that to do this, I should be out there, visible and accessible to those in our group, community and beyond!

This leads me to the second item. I was graciously invited by KD0CNC to attend the Region A Healthcare meeting which took place this morning. I was able to learn SO much. I now know names and faces of quite a few of our area Emergency Managers, healthcare organization staff and more! They all seemed very motivated to work with the amateur radio community to strengthen their ties to us and learn more about us. I have a few things in the works and as soon as they are set in stone, I will roll them out to our fantastic ARES members!

Finally, KE0LMZ and I have been working hard on plans for our “Christmas” meeting. We would love for as many members of the group to attend as possible because we would like to take a group picture at the December 9th meeting. Please wear a white shirt! Don’t worry if you can’t attend, as I will list our members not appearing in the photo on the page as well.

I want to thank Cary Altman. Along with my independent study for my Extra Class license, I have gone almost daily to see the “Extra question of the day” on his group’s Facebook page: WAARCI, Inc FB Page. This kind of outreach to the community is priceless and his efforts are greatly appreciated!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with more news from the EC front in a week or two!

Sam Henley

Meet Foxtrot, the new BC ARES group mascot! He is already doing a great job guarding the BC ARES members’ Christmas gifts!


November 11, 2017

Hello, everyone!

This blog will be a bit different. I had the honor of presenting Rick Wade (KD0CNC) with a plaque today. This commemorative plaque was to thank him for his years of service as the Emergency Coordinator of the Benton County, MO ARES. Below you will find the speech I gave when presenting him with his plaque. I hope it conveys the kind of persistent, loyal, supportive person Rick is and I am thankful I could share it with you.

“I remember the first time I met Rick. Roger (KD0WXT) took me to the Lebanon Hamfest a few years ago. At that time, I had no interest in Amateur Radio. I hadn’t even heard of it. I was convinced I would be fine with my computer and cell phone.

Eventually, I attended a couple of ARES meetings with Roger and Rick continued to sell me on the idea of becoming a ham.

I turned studying for my tech license into a homeschool class and Renee (my daughter) and I were licensed on the same day in December 2016.

In the following months, Rick and the ARES group taught me to build a Dipole antenna and a J pole antenna. They taught me to properly hook up radios. They made me feel welcome and and never treated me like I was “just a woman”, which is something I appreciated.

Rick continues to challenge me so I can better myself.

Thank you so much, Rick, for all of your efforts!”

Sam Henley

And at the very same meeting, Rick presented me with my EC certificate. I appreciated his touching words and good humor!


November 8, 2017

Hello, all!

I have had a busy week! I am in the middle of reading the entire EC Manual, so I have a well-rounded idea of where to begin my journey as your EC! I am particularly looking forward to running drills and I will be talking to the ARES members at the upcoming meeting to find out who has taken part in drills in the past and can help me set up and run them in the future.

I recently completed the following FEMA training: ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800. I intend to take quite a few more which have been recommended by members of other ARES groups. I have signed up to take the 9 week EC course with the ARRL and that begins at the end of November.

I have been checking into quite a few other 2m nets in the area to promote unity and cooperation between our groups. Any nets I check in on, I will also list on our Nets page so you can participate, too, if you wish. Two of these nets happened this morning. I ran the Region A Healthcare Net at 9 am on the Warrensburg repeater which reaches out to amateur radio operators (hopefully some in healthcare facilities) and at 10 am I checked into the Camden County Emergency Net on the Lake of the Ozarks repeater. Part of my goal is to spread the word about these nets and encourage as many hams as possible to participate.

Along the lines of promoting unity and cooperation, I am reaching out to area groups/clubs to ask them to become affiliates. We can all help and learn from each other!

I have reached out to Mike Bellinger about attending one of our meetings and though he is very busy, I hope to have him attend one soon!

My intention in the near future is to reach out to the Sheriff’s Department, Police Department, Fire Department and the Emergency Managers of Warsaw, Lincoln and Cole Camp to offer our assistance and cooperation with training and practices they may hold.

I welcome any and all ideas which you have for making the BC ARES inviting, fun and effective! I look forward to speaking with all of you!

Sam Henley